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YOU are not an exception. YOU are the boringrule.

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The Milky Trail

In a starry night of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, United States, the spectacular view of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, appears over a trekking trail known as the Queen’s Garden.

Bright star Antares at the heart of the celestial scorpion (Scorpius) is on the right and Altair, marking the neck of Aquila (the Eagle) is on the upper left. — Wally Pacholka

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The “Dark Flow” & the Existence of Other Universes —New Claims of Hard Evidence

Is our universe merely one of billions? Evidence of the existence of ‘multiverse’ revealed for the first time by a cosmic map of background radiation data gathered by Planck telescope. This past week, the first ‘hard evidence’ that other universes exist has been claimed to have been found by cosmologists studying the Planck data. They have concluded that it shows anomalies that can only have been caused by the gravitational pull of other universes.

“Such ideas may sound wacky now, just like the Big Bang theory did three generations ago,” says George Efstathiou, professor of astrophysics at Cambridge University.”But then we got evidence and now it has changed the whole way we think about the universe.”

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Comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) and NGC 7822/Ced 214Gerald Rhemann

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In order to divide asymmetrically, the vegetal blastomeres at the 8-cell stage must position their mitoticspindles near their vegetal ends, so that the division results in a macromere and a micromere. The image shows the microtubules of the mitotic spindle at the 4th cleavage, shows how asymmetric this division is.
Credit: George von Dassow, Center for Cell Dynamics, University of Washington.
Source: The Hardin Lab, University of Wisconsin

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Beauty of the Universe II - Colors

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